Kodak KS100-C +2 Solar Charger

Kodak KS100-C +2
“Go Green” with the new Kodak Solar Charger, the KS100-C +2. The device not only can take power from the sun but also from a USB port and then use that power to charge your device. Once the KS100-C +2 it will hold enough power to give a 1.5 charge to a Mobile Phone, or give a music player up to 33 hours of playtime or even power a digital camera with up to 200 photos.

The Kodak KS100-C +2 Solar Charger will be available as of September with a price tag that says $39.95


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  1. I like this product ! Although most are a little pricy this is very reasonably priced and very cool. I love all the solar charging devices and own many. This technology is the RIGHT direction and we should all be doing our share. Not everyone can afford and/or have the room for powering their homes but we can all utilize the solar gadgets that are currently out there, with more to come.

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