Kodak PlayTOUCH Pocket-Sized Video Camcorder

Kodak PlayTOUCH Pocket-Sized Video Camcorder
Kodak introduces its new PlayTOUCH Pocket-Sized Video Camcorder that is scheduled for a release date this fall. The PlayTouch Camcorder will be available in the colors if Smoke Gaze (Black), Chrome, Wine Country (Magenta), Cabana (Orange) and Spa Blue (Teal) with an estimated street value of $229.95. The device comes in a portrait-style form factor and has the capability to record Full HD videos and snap 5-Megapixel still images. There is also a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD display for previewing your recorded videos and snap shot plus there is the option to preview on your HDTV as well, thanks to the HDMI Output.

There are also advanced features including digital image stabilization, smart face tracking technology, in-camera editing function for users to trim and extract still images from video, and four capture effect, including B&W, sepia, high saturation, and ’70s film look.

The camcorder comes with a built-in USB connector for connecting to your computer and also there is a Share Button, like the one found on the EasyShare M950 Camera to share content to the web. The Kodak PlayTouch Camcorder is presently available on Amazon for a price of $229.99.

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