Last Minute arguement against buying a 3G iPhone

3G iPhone Starts Tomorrow -Last Minute arguement against buying a 3G iPhone Apple will start selling the new 3G iPhone tomorrow. Alot of person are really anticipating the release but not as much as one year ago when the first iPhone was about to be released.

But the real question being ask is “Should you really get a 3G iPhone?”. Well here are several arguements that will help you come to a decision, if you are to buy or not.

1) I already have an iPhone and with the free firmware 2.0 update I get almost all new features the iPhone 3G will have, so why pay more monthly.

2) I am not lucky enough to live in an area with AT&T 3G coverage. As you can see in this AT&T 3G coverage map (the small blue areas are 3G, via the AT&T coverage map page), the chances are like winning in the lottery.

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