LeapFrog Kid-Friendly LeapPad Explorer Tablet Device Unveiled

LeapFrog LeapPad Tablet DeviceLeapFrog, a company that has specializes in the manufacturing of educational toys, books and learning devices has announced the new kid-friendly LeapPad tablet which is aimed at Children between the ages of 4-9 and is presently up for pre-orders at Amazon. The LeapPad comes pre-loaded with several applications which includes a photo studio, art, story and animation which allows children to create their own stories, artwork or even learn how to animate familiar characters such as Cinderella. Specs-wise, the LeapPad Tablet comes equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen display with a 480×272 pixel resolution, it has a camera with video recording, microphone, a stylus and a built-in motion sensor that enables the child to interact with the device with certain games and learning activities.

LeapFrog LeapPad Tablet Device
Parents who already have LeapFrog Leapster Explorer game cartridges and apps will be happy to know that everything is cross compatible with the LeapPad. LeapFrog also has plans to release more than 100 new learning games, books, apps and videos for the LeapPad by the end of this year. Other noteworthy specifications includes 2GB of on-board storage which should be ample space for books and games plus a function that will auto-adjust to a harder reading level if the child is flying through the basic version but still stick to the original story.

The LeapPad is expected to be out on August 15 in the colors of pink and green for $99.99. Pre-sale of the LeapPad Tablet will starts right now from major outlets such as ToysRus, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart, Sears, Barnes&Noble and more.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

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