LeapFrog’s LeapTV Wii-Style Educational Gaming Console

LeapFrog known for its educational tablets, has announced its new LeapTV Wii-Style Educational Gaming Console for children. The new device is ideal for growing minds and for entertaining children when parents need a little “me time”.

The LeapTV uses motion tracking and a unique controller allowing children to jump, dance and other physical activities while working through almost 100 “educators approved” games and videos. It comes equipped with a TV-mountable camera which captures movement for hands-free gameplay.

The device comes with 16GB of onboard storage which allows the parents to download games over WiFi, parents can also purchase new titles that comes proprietary cartridges. The system was designed for children ages three to eight and games adapt for each child’s level, with reading, math, science and problem solving challenges. LeapFrog plans to sell the just in time for the holiday season, for the suggested price of $150.

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