Lenovo G455 and G555 Notebook Announced

Lenovo G455 Notebook
In Additon to the Lenovo C315 All-In-One Desktop PC, Lenovo also announced two new Notebooks, the G455 and G555. Both new Notebooks are based on on the AMD platform featuring innovative Lenovo software to improve the overall computing experience.

The Notebooks are powered by an AMD Turion II Dual-Core processor, ATI Radeon HD integrated graphics card, Lenovo applications such as OneKey Rescue System and Energy Management 5.0 which lets users select from several energy-saving modes to help decrease energy consumption and extend battery life. Other specs includes a one-touch backup, repair and recovery tool, as well as VeriFace facial recognition which give users a fun and interactive way to log on to the PC.

The Lenovo G455 and G555 notebooks start at $449 and will be available in the U.S. beginning in March.

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