Lenovo intros IdeaCentre Q190 Windows 8 Home Theatre PC

Lenovo has just announced the launch of its new mini IdeaCentre Q190 which comes from the company’s IdeaCentre lineup. The new mini desktop comes in a compact form factor and runs Windows 8 operating system that offers 80 percent faster processing performance.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190The Q190 is an upgraded from the company’s previous model, the IdeaCentre Q180. It features a 3rd-generation (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core i3 processor, a hard drive that offers up to 1TB of storage capacity, 24-gigabyte SSD cache and as much as 8GB of memory for performance with the assistance of Windows 8 Pro.

The Q190 is a really nice upgrade when compared to the previous model that featured an Atom CPU, a 750GB hard drive or 128GB SSD, and up to 4GB of memory. The IdeaCentre Q190 comes crammed into a compact package but the company didn’t revealed the dimensions of the machine but the width is less than an inch.

According to the company, they are also claiming that the IdeaCentre Q190 is the “world’s smallest desktop PC,” a claim it said was based on a market survey from July. The machine comes with the option of standard DVD drive or a Blu-ray drive, it will go on sale in January and will start at $349.

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