Lexington HairMax Laser Hair Comb

Lexington HairMax Laser Hair Comb
Hairmax has launched the Laser Hair Comb. At last we have a scientifically proven tool to regrow our hair using laser technology. Last year the news came about the laser brush, the Laser Hair Comb is a home-based device which is used three times per week for ten minutes each time and is scientifically proven to regrow hair. It is the only device which is FDA approved for the purpose of regenerating hair.

The comb, a small hand-held device uses nine individual laser modules. The teeth separates the hair and allow the delivery of the laser light to the hair follicles.

The exposure to the light of the laser stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicles and increases the supply of ATP in the hair. After the treatment we may notice an initial shedding of the hair. This is because the hair is pushing into telogen, the growing phase of the hair. After this initial shedding the new telogen phase is established in the hair follicle and the hair regrows.

Studies done in the USA shows that after patients used this device for 20 weeks there was promotion of the hair growth; cessation of the hair falling and the health of the scalp improved. Please consult with a dermatologist before going on the Laser Hair Treatment. The devices cost $495 for US delivery only and €475 for Europe delivery.

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