LG Cinema 3D D2343P-BN And 3D D2743P-BN Monitors

LG Electronics has announced the release of two new 3D-ready monitors from its Cinema D-Series of monitors, they are the 3D D2343P-BN And 3D D2743P-BN monitors.

Both monitors comes equipped with Full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution but the models varies in screen sizes, the 3D D2343P-BN gets a 23-inch screen while the 3D D2743P-BN gets a larger 27-inch screen.

LG Cinema 3D D2343P-BN
Other than they ability to deliver 3D images, the 3D D2343P-BN And 3D D2743P-BN Cinema monitors comes with typical features like, a 250cd/m2 brightness, a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 178/178 degree viewing angle and a 5ms response time.

Another noteworthy feature of both devices is the integrated 2D to 3D conversion software that enables the user to easily convert 2D videos into 3D. No pricing details were found on either of the two models.

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  1. This monitor is really good and I will give the grade
    9/10. The stand is rather limited regarding the height adjustment, otherwise I
    would give 10/10 !

    In the 2D mode I get the required quality for usual
    tasks: programming, word processing, etc…The color ajustments are almost

    I have used the D2342P model and there were still a few
    drawbacks: possible crosstalks, correct viewing position required, etc…So I
    can see today the improvements made by LG with the 43 serie. I own 30
    3DBlu-Rays and I don’t get anymore crosstalks, even on subtitles which are very
    sensitive to them.


    Only in the 3D mode there is still a constrain on the
    viewing distance. I found that 1.30m is a good value and for this reason I have
    chosen the D2743P monitor instead of the D2343P one. I purchased this monitor in
    Korea a few weeks ago, because it was not available in Europe at that time.

    The conversion 2D-3D is also better than in the past. The
    choices are easily made with buttons
    well located at the bottom of the screen.

    I fully disagree with the usual sentence :
    « passive 3D is not Full HD because only 540 lines are
    displayed ». This statement could lead to wrong interpretations :

    – it is true that eyes only see 540 horizontal lines, BUT
    THEY ARE DIFFERENT FOR EACH EYE; finally all 1080 lines are displayed, so we
    have a kind of Interlaced HD video.

    – the active 3D video seems better because each eye sees
    1080 lines BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME and
    the shutter glasses are expansive, heavy and require a battery.

    Finally I strongly recommend this monitor.

    Jacques Ligou



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