LG DM92 27-inch 3D Display has a 1mm Bezel

LG DM92 27-inch 3D Display
In addition to their announcement about showing off the 55-inch OLED panel at the CES, LG also has plans to release its new DM92 27-inch 3D-capable display sometime in the first half of 2012. Most-likely the DM92 3D display will also be on display at the upcoming trade show.

The DM92 comes equipped with a 27-inch 3D Display and features a 1mm thick bezel making it one of the thinnest displays off the LG production line and could also be one of the thinnest to be announced in the coming year. It also adopts an enhanced IPS (e-IPS) technology and offers a high color accuracy.

There’s a 178-degree viewing angle plus it comes with eco-friendly functions that enables a 25% less power consumption compared to earlier IPS panels. LG also preps other models from its DM series which includes the DM52 and DM82 as well as the less costly, 3D-aware D43.

[via Electronista]

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