LG KC780 High Resolution Camera Phone

LG KC780
LG introduced the new LG KC780 with 8 megapixel camera phone, it just a few days ago I post a 8MP camera phone shootout with the LG KC910 “Renoir” and here is the LG KC780. It is a slider phone which is approximately 13.9mm thick and features a 2.4-inch widescreen LCD.

You will also find features such as Smart Bluetooth, which gives you the option to use your cellphone as a webcam in online conversations or even on your computer. There is a really good 8MP camera which has a Schneider-Kreuznach lens which is certified ISO 1600, a built-in image stabilization and face detection.

The LG-KC780 will be on sale in November 2008 in Europe, then India, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

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