LG Smart TV

LG to launch webOS 2.0 for Smart TVs next year

LG started shipping Smart TVs with its webOS software this year, an operating system that delivers an easy-to-use way of streaming content from the internet directly to your TV. LG has just announced that it plans to release its webOS 2.0 for Smart TVs next year.

LG Smart TV
They plan to show off the new Smart TV operating system at the upcoming 2015 CES Show in Las Vegas. The webOS platform was originally designed for Smartphones and Tablets, but after LG acquired the platform from HP, they decided to develop a TV-friendly user interface and modified webOS so it could be the perfect OS for their smart TVs.

The company sold more than 5 million televisions with webOS last year, even though many thing that they would still have sold those televisions whether they had the webOS interface or not.

Whether this was a failed experiment or not, LG is willing to give it a second chance with version 2.0 which they said will come with a number of improvements and new features.

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