LG launches the Fireweb Firefox OS Smartphone

LG Fireweb Firefox OS PhoneFirefox is now officially in the mobile operating system game, thank to the help of LG. The new Firefox OS smartphone operating system may not be as readily available as Apple iOS and Google’s Android, but will the help of smartphone manufacturers like LG, it could rise to a more prominent stature really soon.

LG announced the launch of a new smartphone dubbed, LG Fireweb which comes running the new Firefox OS as standard. It features a 4-inch display with a minimal resolution of 480×320 pixels, since it was designed as an entry-level device. I’m guessing its because no one isn’t familiar with the operating system just yet, so they could be testing the waters before jumping in for a deep dive.

Firefox OS SmartphoneThe Fireweb Smartphone is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, it has 4GB of internal memory, it has an 5-megapixel camera which was a good addition for an entry-level device. Vivo Brazil is now selling LG Fireweb for $449 RRL or $207 US for pay-as-you-go customers, or regular customers can acquire the device for $129 BRL or $59. See the device in action on the video below!!

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