LG Cloud Storage service

LG launches LG Cloud Storage service in Korea and USA

LG Cloud Storage service
It seems like every major company in the information technology is jumping on the cloud storage bandwagon, LG is one of the latest A-list company to be added to that list. The Korean manufacturer recently announced its own own cloud-based storage service dubbed LG Cloud which is expected to get a beta launch on both US and Korea markets.

Customers who own an LG handset will be eligible for a free 50GB storage space when they install the app on their devices. The sad part of it is that this offer will only last for the first six months and after that the storage capacity will be dropped to 5GB and non-LG owners will get only 2GB.

Presently only the free storage is available but is expected to change later on when additional storage can be brought for a price.

[Via: LG Cloud Website]

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