LG to ships its 55-inch OLED TV in May

LG first unveiled its new line of OLED TV at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada in January and finally the Korean company has announced that the 55-inch Model will begin shipping in May 2012. LG will start shipping its 55-inch OLED TV in May, but its uncertain if the company will be shipping the same model that was on exhibition at the Trade Show in Las Vegas or it will be debuting an entirely new model.

The new 55-inch OLED TV from LG comes with an ultra thin design and its also ultra lightweight weighing less than 17 pounds. The model is also 3D-ready which means its compatible with your 3D Blu-ray player. With OLED Technology consumers can expect a device with much faster performance and response time than the conventional LCD displays available on the market. It doesn’t require the use of backlight because each pixel provides its own light source.

The main advantage of OLED display is that manufacturers have the option to make HDTVs and monitors super thin while delivering better contrast, deeper black and better view angles. There are many advantages to using OLED over LCD, the list could go plus an OLED display consumes way less power which makes it energy efficient.

[via HiTechReviews]

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