LG to start mass producing OLED flexible screens

We have been hearing through the grapevine that LG plans to release a number of new smart devices with flexible OLED displays. LG announced its plan to start mass producting its flexible OLED displays for smartphones calling it the world’s first.

LG flexible OLED displayAccording to LG’s plans, the flexible smartphone displays will be a rapid success, the company also thinks that there are other products that will benefit from the new technology. The flexible OLED display in question is 0.44mm thin making it the slimmest among existing mobile device panels, according to LG.

The display is constructed using plastic substrates instead of glass which will make it the only flexible display on the market once it goes into mass production. The company is yet to reveal a smartphone that will feature the display in question but there has been rumors of the company planning to unveil smartphones with curved OLED display later this month.

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