LG to start shipping its Laser TV next month

LG was at the CES 2013 where it announced the 100-inch class Laser TV, which isn’t like the traditional television set, its a 100-inch diagonal screen paired with an ultra short throw projector. The projector will work effective at only 22-inches away from the screen for a 100-inch projection.

LG Laser TVLG just updated its customers that the 100-inch Laser TV will be available starting in April for the suggested retail price of $8999. The price doesn’t come no where near an LCD TV with the same dimensions but according to LG, the laser light source for the projector will deliver up to 25,000 hours of use before it has to be replaced, not sure if that’s their selling point.

Other than its huge screen, it comes with connectivity options which includes three HDMI input ports, two USB ports, an optical audio output plus it supports WiFi connectivity as well. The ultra short throw projector also supports Intel Wireless Display technology and its bright enough to light up your entire room.

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