Lian Li O Series

Lian Li unveils O Series Wall Mounted PC Cases

PC Cases comes in all shapes and forms, but Lian Li just announced one that is very unusual to me. The company announced its O Series Wall Mounted PC Cases, unlike most PC cases available on the market it allows you to mount the chassis on the wall, even thought we are thinking why would you want to mount your PC on the wall.

Lian Li O Series
Many tech enthusiasts are now using PCs as a part of their entertainment system, working alongside a projector or an HDTV. Which ever situations that arrises where you would want to mount your PC onto a wall, the O Series PC Cases might be an option for you.

Lian Li O Series comes in a few different sizes ā€“ the mini-ITX PC-05, PC-05S; the micro-ATX PC-06S; and the ATX case PC-07S, with the ā€œSā€ in the model numbers depicting its ability to support water-cooling systems. All the models features the same design, only their dimensions are different.

All cases in the series features a tempered glass window which allows you to see the components at work while powered on. Lian Li plans to launch its O Series in February and expected to retail from $289 upwards.

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