BlackBerry Passport

Limited Edition Gold BlackBerry Passport Already Sold Out

BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry seems to be going back to its roots and building its way back to the top, the Canadian-based company recently announced the Blackberry Classic which was like a replica of its older devices, and the Blackberry Passport, an oddly square-shaped smartphone which seems more business-friendly than the classic.

The high-end Passport which appeals to a business audience just got a make-over to look even more luxurious. The company launched a limited edition Black and Gold Blackberry Passport, and this wasn’t done by a third party company, the golden touch came from Blackberry directly.

gold Blackberry Passport
The company announced that only 50 units of the Gold Blackberry Passport would be made, and each device will be individually numbered on the side. The limited edition of the Blackberry Passport won’t take your life savings as each unit goes for $900USD or $1000CAD via Blackberry Shop.

Why so cheap you asked? because the sides only get a gold paint job over a stainless steel frame, it looks the part but not as expensive. Unfortunately, all 50 units have been sold so let’s just hope that the company have plans for another production run for those who really wants the golden Blackberry Passport.

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