Linkase iPhone 5 Case Strenghtens your WiFi Signal

Absolute Technology has announced its new iPhone 5 case that not only offers protection for your device but it also acts as a Wi-Fi signal booster for the iPhone 5. Many users of the Apple iPhone 5 complain about WiFi signal issues regarding the iPhone 5, but Absolute Technology may just have a permanent fix for that.

Absolute Technology LinkaseThe case was built with polycarbonate which means the case is durable, it gets a leather coating and raised rubber bevels above the screen to keep it protected but while protecting your iPhone 5, the case also acts as a Wi-Fi signal booster, Thanks to its built-in slide-out extra antenna which utilizes electromagnetic waveguide technology.

The slide-out antenna known as EMW elements, are interchangeable plus you get an extra EMW of a different color included with the case, so you can accessories to match your outfit if necessary. According to Absolute Technology, the Linkase is expected to boost your iPhone 5 WiFi signal strength by up to 50 percent.

The company plans to start selling these iPhone 5 cases with the next month, they are going to be available in the colors of grey, white, black and red for the retail price of $49. You can find more details by going to the Linkase website.

[Source: LoopyCellphones]

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