Liquid Defender – Liquid Crystal Screen Protector

H7 Liquid DefenderThe H7 Liquid Defender is a liquid Crystal Screen Shield and protector for the body casing of your device. The liquid protector was recently unveiled and just like the other protects on the market it will also protect your electronics but it takes a few more steps than the protectors available on the market as it isn’t the everyday film screen protector. The H7 Liquid Defender has a scratch resistance liquid form shield that crystallizes up to 7H and forms a real invisible shield that helps reduce scratch and radiation exposure.

Not only does it protector your devices screen but it also has the ability to form a protective coat over your device, which in the future will prevent the fading of colors as well as wear and tears to your device. If you are the kind of user who is constantly using your device, the Liquid Defender also protects your device for being over heated, it will reduce the heat from your device and prolong the battery life and improve performance. The H7 Liquid Defender is presently available and goes for the price of $29.99 for Smartphones, $39.99 if you wish to protect your Tablet, $49.99 to protect your Notebook or as low as $19.99 for your handheld gaming devices.

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