Logitech TV Cam HD bring Skype to HDTV

Logitech is rolling out a new product called the TV Cam HD, a high-definition camera that has skype integrated. The camera was designed to be used with HDTV bring Skype to the devices.

The new Logitech TV Cam HD will connect to any HDTV with an available HDMI input as well as connects to the Internet using Ethernet LAN or WiFi connectvity.

Logitech TV Cam HDThanks to the Skype software built-in, the TV Cam HD is simple plugged into your HDTV to begin chatting with family and friends using the big screen in your living room. Logitech’s Skype Certified TV Cam HD allows you to call anyone using Skype on any platform, and you can simply use your existing Skype Name, or create a new account on your HDTV.

The camera also features a 2x zoom and comes with an easy to use remote control for digital pan and tilt. It comes equipped with Carl Zeiss wide-angle optics to deliver full-room view and includes Logitech Fluid Technology to deliver clear 720p HD images, even in low light conditions.

There are built-in ringers that let the user knows when someone is calling, no matter if the TV is on or off. The Logitech TV Cam HD will be released in August for $199.99.

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