Logitech Type-S Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S

Samsung only recently announced its new Galaxy Tab S device, and the tablet device which is available in both 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch models has already gotten its version of the Type-S Keyboard Case all courtesies of Logitech. Logitech made the announcement that they would be releasing a keyboard case accessory for the tablet.

logitech galaxy tab s
The accessory was designed to protect your device, it also has a physical keyboard attached which means you can use the keyboard if the on-screen keyboard is too difficult to use. The Keyboard itself is Bluetooth-enabled so it will pair with the Tab S via Bluetooth connectivity.

The case was also designed to support different viewing angles, which means you can also change it up for a more comfortable view of the display. The case was constructed with water-repellent materials which should protect your device from getting soaked in-case you have a spill or get caught in the rain, however this doesn’t mean you should dunk it into water.

Logitech also promises that the case will have an integrated battery for the keyboard will be long-lasting and should last up to approximately 3 months on a single charge. Logitech plans to start selling the Type-S Keyboard Case for the suggested price of $99.99, later this month.

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