Logitech Wii Steering Wheel

Logitech Wii Steering Wheel
Logitech has unveiled its latest gaming console device, The Wii Steering Wheel. The steering wheel provides force feedback for driving type games which makes the gaming experience more realistic.

The Wii Wheels features a Gas and Brake controls, 2.4 GHz wireless technology (give you the option to control your game from as far as 30 feet (10 m) from the console.) The Logitech Wheel can be yours for a retail price of $99.99 USD.


* Full-featured racing wheel: Provides a realistic driving experience.
* 2.4 GHz wireless technology: Delivers exceptional control from up to 30 feet (10 m) from the console.
* Force feedback: Recreates bumps, crashes, and traction loss with jaw-dropping realism.


* One-piece design: Reduces clutter and makes setup and storage easy.
* Expandable lap rest: Allows for comfortable game play without being bound to a table or desk.
* Built-in gas and brake controls: Puts precise, fast action within easy reach.
* AC power supply included: No batteries necessary.


* Licensed for Wii™: Ensures both design and technical compatibility.
* Works exclusively with: Need for Speed™: Undercover.

Via [Gadget Venue]

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