LUXA2 intros the PL2 6000mAh Mobile Battery Charger

LUXA2 has announced the launch of its new Mobile Battery Charger which is dubbed the PL2. The new mobile battery charger is so compact it will fit in the pocket of your pants.

LUXA2 PL2 Mobile Battery ChargerIt features a leather case for an elegant look and feel, plus it features a 6000mAh which holds enough juice to recharge your device while on the go.

It also comes equipped with a 4 stage battery level indicator LED light, a LED light, one USB 5V 2.1A output port, plus a micro-USB charging port for recharging the 6000mAh battery that was manufactured by Samsung. LUXA2 plans to sell the PL2 Mobile Battery Charger for a retail price of around $60.

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