Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii

Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii
I don’t know all who remembered Mario Kart on Super NES, thats what we called the Super Nintendo back home in Jamaica. Well i do, after playing it for awhile i graduated to Mario Kart 64 and i was a camp on that then there was the DS version. Well i can say no one loved this game as much as me.

Now i see Wii has a newer version of my favorite game and the added bonus is that they have added bikes to it. YEAH! i was reading an article over at trusted reviews and got a little information about it and this is what i liked best from the read.

the tracks – even those adapted from previous Mario Karts – are wider and the corners slightly more forgiving than they used to be.

I agree some of the tracks were way too narrow especially the track at yoshi valley. If you comments feel free to post.

There is more here >>

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