Mario Kart helps prevent real life accident

My Mother always tell me that playing all that those video games will never help me in the real world, and they probably told this kid the same thing as well. Well, this little boy who saved his grandmother from having a serious accident just prove a lot of mothers around the world wrong.

Mario Kart SkillsPlaying Video Games gave him a good idea of how to react in an emergency situation. The ten-year-old boy managed to grab the wheel of the car he was in and steered it to safety after his grandmother, who was driving, passed out. He steered the car to a safe stop in a ditch and no one was injured.

When he was asked on how he knew how to do what he did, he told them that he learned his mad skills from playing Mario Kart. Sometimes I question my driving skills, so i definitely need to start playing Mario Kart again to re-freshen up my skills.

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