Matsunichi ER600 e-Book Reader

Matsunichi ER600 e-Book Reader
Matsunichi, a Chinese company has added a new e-Book Reader to the market when they launched the Matsunichi ER600 e-Book Reader.

The Matsunichi ER600 e-Book Reader brings a 5- or 6-inch E Ink display and features a leather grip section at the bottom and stylish brushed metal around the display. The ER600 e-Book Reader comes with 512MB to 2GB of integrated storage and has a SD card slot. Users who which to get the Matsunichi ER600 e-Book Reader has the option of getting a optional touchscreen, optional 3G/3.5G WWAN, optional WiFi and optional Bluetooth.

The ER600 e-Book Reader also supports formats like TXT, PDF, HTML, FB2, ePUB, PRC, MOBI, JPG, GIF and BMP. No pricing information available on this e-Book Reader just yet


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