Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad and other devices

Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash DriveMaxell has announced the world’s first wireless flash drive with media streaming called the AirStash Wireless Flash Drive. The Maxell AirStash is the first and only wireless flash drive with media streaming and two-way wireless document transfer capabilities. The new wireless flash drive is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other smartphones as well, it is ideal for users who wants to view, save and share documents and other media files while on the go.

The pocket-sized easy-to-use flash drive gives users the power to leave their laptops at home and work with all their documents and other content from the flash drive, the drive also offers the option to wirelessly save, backup and share documents from their iPad to AirStash instead of emailing files to a computer in the same room. The AirStash also support the use of an SD card, it supports WebDAV industry standard for compatibility with popular apps including Apple’s iWork suite and GoodReader for iOS and WebDAV Navigator for Android. There is also an AirStash+ app available from the Apple App Store for free download that is ideal for professional photographers as it allows the owner to browse and batch import photos quickly and easily.

No pricing information has been found for the new Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash Drive.

Source: AirStash

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