MediaDevil MagicWand Stylus for Capacitive Touchscreen Devices

MediaDevil MagicWand StylusMediaDevil, a UK-based company is about to launch its MagicWand stylus that was designed for use with capacitive touchscreen devices on the US market. The MagicWand Stylus works perfectly with popular capacitive touch devices such as the iPhone, iPod, Motorola Xoom as well as most android tablets and smartphones presently available on U.S market.

The MagicWand Stylus allows the user to navigate touchscreen devices faster and more precise than they would using their fingers. It can be used to sign electronic documents, used for sketching, writing, tapping or dragging. The stylus was designed to be balanced and has an 8mm nib. It is available in matte texture with an option to choose from black, hot pink, blue or red at $9.97 a pop and presently listed on Amazon.

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