MEMOME! USB Flash Drive Concept with e-Ink Display

Here’s a new concept for a flash drive called the MEMOME!, just don’t get too excited as we said before its only a concept.

The MEMOME! USB Flash Drive Concept was designed by Jui-Min Huang, if it should ever be manufacturer it would be a unique USB stick that is equipped with an e-ink display.

Memome USB Drive ConceptThe integrated display would enable the user to check the content of the flash drive with the use of a computer. The MEMOME is a cool concept that will hopefully hit the light of production in the near future.

If it should come into existence, the MEMOME! would be the first USB flash drive to be able to memo itself. It would have the ability to memo information on the surface giving you the option to know what was stored on the drive without having to plug it into a computer.

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