Pop Video Pico Projector

Micron launches the Pop Video iPhone Pico Projector

Micron Technology, the same company behind Crucial and Lexar, just introduced a new pico projector that was designed specially for use with the iPhone and iPod Touch media player. The device is called the Pop Video, it comes equipped with an integrated 30pin dock connector which easily plugs into the iPhone and iPod touch, making sharing photos and videos an easy task.
Pop Video Pico Projector
The Pop Video eliminates the use of cables like other similar devices available on the market, it is based on LCoS technology and has the ability to project 960×540 qHD video resolution in an optimal projection range between 13 and 130 cm. The Pop Video uses a LED light source which makes the device more energy friendly, it uses a built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that promises up to 2 hours of play time and a fast-recharge feature that allows the user to recharge the battery in approximately 4 hours using its microUSB port.

In order to use the device with your iPhone 4/4S/3GS and iPhone Touch 3rd gen and 4th gen running iOS 5.0 or above, you will be required to download and install the free Pop Video app. The application gives the option to choose between iTunes or iTunes U videos, photo album, web browser, facebook and YouTube. The app give access to projection settings such as colors, brightness; and it can auto-adjust your portrait photos to fill the entire projected image.

The Pop Video Pico Projector for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available and goes for the price of $99, which we could all agree is a pretty decent and affordable price.

[Via: Pop Video]

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