Microsoft Courier Dual Screen Tablet Device

Microsoft Dual Screen Courier Tablet Device
With Apple’s recent announcement of the iPad Tablet Device, could this be Microsoft’s iPad Killer? It is the Microsoft Dual Screen Courier Tablet Device. The Microsoft Dual Screen Courier is less than an inch thick, weights just over a pound, features two 5 x 7 inch screens, has a built in camera and NVIDIA Tegra 2 graphics card.

The device will come running a version of the Zune HD with Windows 7 Interfaces. There isn’t much specification details at the moment but the device should be released later this year.


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  1. re: How can the iPad compete?

    How is this even an intelligent question? No offense but neither device is out there yet. All you see here is a photo of a dual screen device. You don’t know how comfortable it is to hold (these ARE tablets, they have to take that into account), how long the battery life is, how well it will integrate with services to obtain media etc. Are two smaller screens better than a single larger one?

    From a spec standpoint, the Zune HD appears better than an iPod, and yet almost no one buys them. It’s not just the device, but the whole integration and experience. There are some interesting possibilities with dual screens, but anyone that continues to write off Apple hasn’t learned from the past. (and ditto for Apple fans that write off Microsoft).

  2. sickk… i want it now. great oqo replacement. definitely cooler than the ipad, full OS… how can the ipad compete?

  3. I am not sure about a dual screen tablet computer. It looks likes it folds closed like a laptop and it looks like it will have an ebook reader. But I’m sure it will be uncomfortable to hold such a device for reading a book.

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