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Microsoft offers 100GB of Free OneDrive Space

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Microsoft has announced a new special offer going on, where it will begin offering 100GB of free cloud storage via its OneDrive storage to customers who sign up for its new Bing Rewards Program. If you ask what’s the catch, you will have to agree to receiving a few promotional Bing emails in your inbox every month, you can get a tenth of a terabyte of space on OneDrive absolutely free of charge.

Another part of the agreement is that, you will have to continue to use Bing throughout the year for the storage space to stay active. Every time you use bing to conduct a search, you’ll receive points which can be later used on promotional items, gift cards or even used to increase your storage space.

Want 100 GB of free OneDrive storage for 1 year? It’s easy! Join Bing Rewards and earn credits when you search with Bing, then redeem them for 100 GB of OneDrive storage for one year. You can also enter to win our amazing giveaways or choose from popular gift cards,” Microsoft’s website explains.

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