Microsoft sells 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses

Windows 8 LicensesYesterday Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the Windows division, Tami Reller announced that in its first month of launching the Windows 8 operating system, 40 million licenses has been sold, outspacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades.

Back when Windows 7 was launched, Microsoft did not provide one-month numbers for the operating system but the estimates back then were that it sold about 40 million copies, meaning Windows 8 is pretty much on par with its predecessor after one month.

These are good numbers for the new Windows 8 operating system when compared to the sales of Windows 7 but its not much for the company to rave about. Back in 2008, approximately three months after Windows Vista was release, the company announced that 180 million licenses were sold.

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