Microsoft Surface Tablet gets Torn Down

Microsoft Surface Tablet OpenedMicrosoft recently released its new Surface tablet and the guys from iFixit has gotten their hands on one of the tablet and as usual they are tearing it to pieces. The guys took the tablet apart piece-by-piece to see what was in the gut on the new Windows RT tablet.

According to the iFixit team, the Surface wasn’t that easy to open and it ended up with a repair ability score of only 4 out of 10. This means that if you decide to get the new tablet and something happens, it will be much harder to repair than some other tablets on the market.

Microsoft Surface Tablet“The Surface’s design allows you to open it without fear of shattering the display glass, but it’s not a trivial procedure. And you’ll have to dig through the whole tablet in order to get to the LCD/glass, which will be the most likely reason you’re scratching the Surface to begin with. Overall it received a below-average 4 out 10 repair-ability score — just a notch above the iPad, but well below the Nexus/Kindles.”

Thanks to the guys over at iFixit for tearing down so we could get a first view of inside of the belly of the beast!

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