Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System

Windows 7 Operating System
I must say I was no way impressed with Microsoft’s Windows Vista, to me it need so much more work and one of the most annoying think is that it made your system require too much memory to operate at a reasonable speed. Here is an example I have a desktop dell dimension desktop that runs XP professional with 512MB of RAM and another desktop that runs Windows Vista with a dual core processor and 2GB of RAM. When both are tested with the operations the XP Professsional executes the operation up to 2x faster than the Windows Vista PC and it is not because the XP desktop has a better processor because it doesn’t.

Now here Microsoft just announced the availability of the Windows 7 OS, after reading the features of the Windows 7 OS it sounds very impressive but after my experiences with the Windows Vista OS, I have to see to believe. The Windows 7 OS features Windows Touch which makes Windows 7 compatible with touch sensitive screens. For years Windows OS didn’t had limited touch technology but I guess they thought of this very good as they got every corner of your touch PC covered.

There is also an XP Mode feature which allow users to run older Windows XP business softwares from your Windows 7 desktop. The XP Mode comes as a separate download and will only work with Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. The sad thing is that to use the XP mode feature you will have to install additional software for it to work, the software is called Windows Virtual PC and it is free from the company’s website.

Well I am just gonna get a copy and test it out and if it is crap to me, you all will know.

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