Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 and Keyboard 3000

Desktop 3000
Along with the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless 5000, Microsoft also introduced the Wireless Desktop 3000 and the Wireless Keyboard 3000.

The Wireless Desktop 3000 is a combination of a Wireless Keyboard and a sleek mouse combo which utilizes the power of BlueTrack Technology. BlueTrack is a product of Microsoft that gives user the ability to use their mouse wherever their computer is, it will work on more surfaces than both optical and laser mice, including smooth and shiny surfaces except glass and mirrored surfaces.

The Wireless Keyboard 3000 comes paired with the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 which makes both of them the Wireless Desktop 3000. This is the first desktop combo to use Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology, the keyboard uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, plug-and-play minitransceiver and its quiet touch keys and thin-profile design makes it a must have.

The Wireless Desktop 3000 will be retailed for $69.95 but if you rather to get the Wireless keyboard 3000 only it will cost you $39.95.


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