Microsoft Xbox 360 Media Remote Control

Microsoft Xbox 360 Media Remote ControlIn addition to the Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headset, they also unveiled the new Xbox 360 Media Remote Control which allows the user to control the Xbox 360’s dashboard, DVD and CD playback as well as media playback when using Xbox LIVE. The Media Remote Control also gives control over other popular brands of television enabling users to power on, change a channel or turn up the volume.

It comes equipped with D-pad navigation as found on an Xbox 360 controller, it has the A, B, X and Y buttons, back, select and other media playback control keys such as Play, Rewind, Fast Forward and Record.

The new Xbox 360 Media Remote is powered by two AAA batteries and it is also compatible with Xbox LIVE applications like Sky Player and the Zune Marketplace. Microsoft has plans to unveil the new remote worldwide for the suggested market price of $19.99, it won’t hit shelves until November 2011.

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