Mimo Magic Touch – World’s First USB-Driven Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor

Mimo Magic TouchMimo is known for its history with USB-powered monitors for a few years now, and they continue with the launch on a new USB monitor which is also the world’s first USB-driven Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor, the Mimo Magic Touch. As an industry first, the Magic Touch is expected to come equipped with an 10-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a 1024×600 pixel resolution that is considered a best in its class. The Magic Touch has an amazing responsiveness of capacitive multi-touch, thanks to its capacitive sensing technology the same technology which is to be thanked for revolutionizing the wireless smartphone market.

Features of the Mimo Magic Touch includes a four-point multi-touch display which enables the user to respond to as many as four touch-points simulataneously which makes it ideal for point-of-sale (POS), entertainment systems and corporate videoconferencing.

It measures less than 1-inch thick, weighs less than a pound, it offers sharp graphics for clearer images and videos, it comes with an built-in interface that can also be used for your computer, plus the Magic Touch comes in two different models, the standard Mimo Magic Touch that offers one USB 2.0 port that connects and power the devices and then there’s the Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe that gets two USB ports, one for powering and connecting the monitor while the other port acts as a mini USB-hub to power peripherals and has a separate AC adapter to re-charge or drive high-power devices plugged into the USB hub.

The Magic Touch is presently available on pre-orders on the company’s website, the standard Mimo Magic Touch has a price tag of $299.99 and the Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe goes for $329.99.

[via BusinessWire]

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