Industrial-Grade 56P-QF65LCU

Mitsubishi launches Industrial-Grade 56P-QF65LCU 56-inch 4K Display

Mitsubishi just announced its new 56P-QF65LCU, a 56-inch industrial-grade LCD display that features Quad Full High-Definition (QFHD) 3840×2160 resolution which is also known as the 4K-resolution. The 4K resolution makes the display, the ideal solution for applications that requires ultra-high details, it utilizes a 4K Super MVA LCD display with a 50,000 hour back-light lifetime.
Industrial-Grade 56P-QF65LCU
Other specifications of the 56-inch 56P-QF65LCU includes, a 1200:1 contrast ratio, a 450cd/m2 brightness, a 176/176-degree viewing angle and a 12ms response time. The professional display comes with four DVI-D inputs, and RS232, D-sub and RJ-45 control inputs. There are also two brightness modes for installation flexibility: power-saving normal (480 watts) and bright (540 watts).

The 56P-QF65LCU 56-inch 4K Display comes equipped with a stand and includes a standard VESA mounting structure for installing the display on a wall or ceiling.

[Via: Mitsubishi]

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