MIU 3rd Generation HDPC

MIU Portable Computer
Mobile Intelligent Ubiquitous (MIU) is releasing their third generation of its Hybrid Dual Portable Computer (HDPC) that features a 4.1 inch TFT display (800 x480 resolution), a 2.4 inch AMOLED internal display (320 x 240 resolution), Intel Atom processor, Windows CE operating system, ARM processor and Navigational capabilities.

The hybrid HDPC was scheduled for release in Korea for a price of $500 but there is no word on the specific date of release. [Tech Fresh]

Dual Portable Computer

This HDCP will be a GPS, PMP, e-book reader, netbook and phone all rolled into one. It has GSM, GPRS, CDMA support so you’ll get a signal almost anywhere.

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