Moments Ago App for iPad and iPhone

Moments Ago iPhone AppMoments Ago is a new application that was developed specially for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices for the use of teacher to parent communication. The new application utilizes the power of cloud computing technology which simplifies the process, the Moments Ago app enables the teacher to send emails to the parents or guardians of their students in only 3-5 seconds.

Basically the sole purpose of the Moments Ago app is to enable fast teacher to parents communication, so we ask what makes it different from sending emails from a computer or any other mobile device. The company claims that with the Moments Ago app only takes 3-5 seconds to tap and send an email, it uses cloud computing technology which ensure faster delivery plus there is a stock of existing messages which enables the user to select, edit and send.

The Moments Ago app works with iOS devices and is presently available on iTunes for the price of $3.99 which we think is pretty steep for an app that only sends emails.

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