Monster Turbine PRO High Performance In-Ear Speakers

Monster Turbine PRO
Monster has announced its Turbine PRO High Performance In-Ear Speakers which offers a higher level music listening experience for the Audio Fanatics. These high performance in-ear headphones are engineered for serious sound quality necessary to meet the exacting demands of the most extreme audiophiles and music professionals around.

The Turbine PRO is constructed from metal which cancels unwanted resonance and features microstrand conductors with ultra-low impededence for clear audio reproduction. The Turbine pro also features noise isolation with its Pro Sound SupertipTM, the tips provides a seal that ensures that you are not interrupted by sounds around you. The Turbine In-Ear Speaker also delivers bass which will have you wondering if there is a sub-woofer in your ears.

The Monster Turbine PRO is presently on pre-order at Amazon for a price of $249.95 and comes in Copper and Gold finishes.

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