Mortal Kombat Fight Stick Controller

Mortal Kombat Fight Stick
The guys over at Performance Designed Products (PDP) seems to be the ultimate Mortal Kombat Fans as they have an arcade style controller dedicated to Mortal Kombat which will be ideal for gamers who will be getting it when it hits Xbox360 and PS3 on April 19th, 2011. The Fight Stick comes with custom artwork plus it will also face the ultimate test at the MK tournament in Las Vegas on May 14 and 15 where contestants will battle for prizes up to $21,000.

According to the guys over at PDP who teamed up with NetherRealm Studios to develop the fight stick says that the device was designed reflect the look and feel of the classic Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, there is a baseball-bat-shaped joystick and concave buttons plus there is a unique plastic shield emblazoned with the Mortal Kombat logo, and a rubberized feet at the bottom corners which prevents sliding when gaming on slippery surfaces.

It will be available as part of the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition or for sale in extremely limited numbers on
Mortal Kombat Fight Stick

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