Moto 360 Bands

Moto 360 gets Premium DODO Leather Bands

The Moto 360 Smartwatch is one of the of best looking smartwatches running Android Wear and there should be no debates about it. Now the company has decided to give owners the option to make their devices look even more casual by introducing a new range of premium DODO leather bands.

Moto 360 Bands
Owners of the smartwatch now have the option to spruce up their device with a more premium band, the new leather bands comes in wide range of colors including blue, red, and tan. The new make-over for your Moto 360 definitely doesn’t come cheap, as each band is priced at $59.99 which is about double the price other leather bands.

Motorola is still selling the normal leather bands, available in the colors of black, gray and cognac for $30 per band. However, if the leather band doesn’t match your swag then there’s always the stainless steel option that goes for $79.99 which is even more expensive that the premium leather bands.

[Via: Motorola]

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