Motorola Announces Two Bluetooth Headsets

Motorola Bluetooth Headset H15
Motorola has announced Two bluetooth headsets, the Motorola H15 and the H780 Bluetooth headsets. The H15 is a universal headset with a flip design and background isolation technology and it can connect two devices simultaneously.

The H780 features CrystalTalk, a technology which cancels out background noise and clearer speech than the regular Bluetooth headsets. Both devices uses the Motorola EasyPair technology and TrueComfort and can be connected to virtually any Bluetooth device. Look out for these devices in Q4 2008. (No prices announced as yet.)

Motorola Bluetooth headset H780
The Motorola H780 Bluetooth Headset

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  1. The new Motorola H780 Universal Bluetooth Headset takes your conversation with you from the office to the street or to the crowded airport terminal. With style and distinct audio sound, the H780 delivers exceptional sound quality while on the go. Both MOTOPURE H15 and the H780 are the best Bluetooth headsets for background noise cancellation, based on independent testing of the top-selling dual-microphone headsets. The H780 features exceptional sound quality from Motorolas improved CrystalTalk for headsets so that you can hear and be heard. Users experience outstanding sound quality on both ends of the conversation. Digital signal processing for sharp audio quality and dual microphones work to cancel background noise, delivering clarity you can appreciate during your busy work day. Using Motorola¿s proprietary EasyPair technology helps simplify how you quickly connect with your compatible Bluetooth enabled phone. The H780`s multipoint technology allows you to organize your busy life and accept calls from your compatible personal or business phone. With the H780, you can connect with two compatible phones simultaneously. The H780 has been tested to work with over 200 compatible phones from over 15 brands, so you`ll have a reliable and consistent experience with the phone you`re using. A discreet flexible hook holds the headset securely in place so you never miss a part of your conversation. With Motorola`s TrueComfort design, the H780 conforms to your ear, and multiple ear cushion options offer an even more customizable fit that earned top comfort marks from over 90 percent of the population tested. A brushed carbon fiber finish, spun metal, and textured side band create a sleek and slim look for the headset. 

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