Motorola Destino i867

Motorola Destino i867 Push-to-Talk Android Smartphone

Motorola Destino i867
Motorola has announced its new Motorola Destino i867, a Push-to-Talk smartphone that is powered by the Android platform that will be available to customers of Nextel Brazil. The touchscreen smartphone uses iDEN technology which supports the handset’s PTT two-way radio, cellular service, mobile Web access, and text and picture messaging in a single device.

The MT Destino comes equipped with a 3.1-inch touchscreen display, it supports GPS navigation, WiFi connectivity as well as Bluetooth. It features a 3-megapixel camera on the rear, a 2GB microSD card is included and it runs the Android 2.1 platform plus it also comes pre-loaded with Nextel Email application and a Swype Keyboard.

The new Motorola Destino also known as the Motorola i867 will be available from Nextel Brazil for a price of R$ 899 or get it on a promotion for R$ 499 with a data plan.

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