Motorola GLEAM+ Flip Phone

Motorola GLEAM+ Flip Mobile Phone for Germany Market

Motorola GLEAM+ Flip Phone
Motorola plans to launch its latest flip phone in Germany this coming march, the handset is called the Motorola GLEAM+ which is the successor of the original Motorola GLEAM that was announced early 2011. The GLEAM+ comes equipped with 2.8-inch WQVGA main color LCD display with a 400×240 pixel resolution and an awesome external display that showcases new messages, missed calls and the time using a matrix of LEDs.

The Motorola Flip Phone comes with the traditional 12-key number pad, it has a 2-megapixel camera on the back of the phone that has the ability to record videos and capture still images. The GLEAM+ may not be a smartphone running the latest Android OS but it does support POP3 and IMAP email services, which enables users to receive and send emails while on the go.

Motorola GLEAM+
Measuring 107mm x 52.5mm x 13.5mm and weighing a mere 105g (3.7oz) means it should slip right into your pocket or purse. Other specifications of the GLEAM+ includes an FM radio built in, an MP3 player, an HTML browser and it supports microSD cards for extra storage on the device. The GLEAM+ runs on 900/1800MHz GSM networks and was developed with the European market in mind, which means it might never grace the shores of the United States.

The Motorola GLEAM+ will be launched in Germany sometime in March, in the colors of silver and white for 99 Euros per unit without a contract.

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