Motorola Scout 5000

Motorola Scout 5000 SmartCollar for Dogs

During the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Motorola unveiled its new SmartCollar for dogs. The device was designed specially for owners who wants to keep track of their pets.

The Scout 5000 is equipped with with an GPS tracker with a geo-fence alert, meaning the pet’s owner will receive an alert on their smartphone if the dog crosses a boundary.

Motorola Scout 5000
It also comes with a feature called “bark detection” mode, with the built-in microphone and speaker, you can give commands to your pet right from your smartphone. The new dog-wearable device is currently available in the UK for £130 (about $200), plus Motorola is also giving a one year of subscription to its UK customers on Vodafone.

It’s uncertain when the Scout 5000 will be available in the United States, but for right now it’s just users in the UK would gets to see if this new SmartCollar for Dogs is of any use for the massive price tag.

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